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Well, the wuff's finally got his own place on the web, and you found it! Welcome! Pull up a pillow or a seat and take a load off your feet. This wuff's always happy to entertain visitors and enjoy their company.

Feel free to explore this wuffy's den if you wish. You'll find artwork others have gifted the wuff, or those wuff commissioned in the studio. Don't hope for much from the wuff's own paw though, as Vargr couldn't draw his way out of a wet paper bag (and how exactly would that work, anyway?).

Writing, on the other paw, that's something this wuff enjoys!  And isn't too bad at either, if he does say so himself. There's a collection of wuff's stories, poetry, monologs, and others just in the library over there. Have a look if you like. But be forewarned that some of the stories are still works in progress, and many contain what some folks consider 'fetish' elements of feeding, fattening, and inflation. Not all, by any means, but enough that this wuff thought you should know before you wandered in there.

In keeping with that "feeding" remark, you'll find a collection of Vargr's recipes, tips, and such, in the kitchen over that way.  Oh yes, this wuff does love his "kitchen experiments".  Vargr strongly believes that there is no other gift so personal, so sensual, so all-encompasing of the senses, and so heartfelt, as the offering of a meal prepared with joy and served with love and friendship to a guest. Be welcome to enjoy any or all of those, and use the ones you like for your own gifts of love, or to serve as the starting point or source of ideas for your own "kitchen experiments"!

Though this wuff is a poor paw with a brush or marker, Vargr does enjoy making art of another style; through the lens of a camera. There's a photoalbum on the credenza there, and you're welcome to enjoy the images within.  If you'd like to use them for references to aid your own artistic tendencies, or to put a copy on your own computer to enjoy privately, please do so with Vargr's blessings.  However, if you want to republish those, including posting them up on your own or someone else's web site, or use them for any sort of commercial or business application, please be so kind as to let this wuff know and ask permission first! You'll find contact info at the bottom of this page, and on the album page as well.

Of course, as with most of wuff's endevours and Vargr himself, this den is a work in progress. If you see something that's broken or out of place, please let wuffy know. And if the something is missing, it's probably being tinkered with in the little workshop out back of the den. Be patient, and it'll be back soon, and probably better than before.

Oh, and if you'd like to know more of who and what Vargr Dragonwolf is, this wuff has blushingly added a bit of description and biography.  You'll find a little list of other places wuff hangs out, and ways to chat with the wuffy there too.

Thanks again for visiting, and please make yourself at home! Can wuff get you anything from the kitchen?